TOP 10 most expensive professions in the world. The first 8 places are medicine!

1st place – surgeon.
The list is headed and the surgeon constantly leads in it. This profession is the highest paid: the surgeon’s salary is 180 thousand. To become a highly qualified specialist, you need not only to study for 10-15 years, but you also need to be born. Complex surgical interventions (for example, on the heart or brain) are paid higher. And this is fully justified: even the simplest interventions nevertheless require many years of serious training and practice.

2nd place – anesthetist.
In some countries, anesthetists earn even more surgeons who are in the first position on this list.

3rd place – obstetrician-gynecologist.
In third place in demand are obstetrician-gynecologists, which, of course, is reflected in their salary, which is measured by the figure of 174,000.

4th place – maxillofacial surgeon.
The maxillofacial surgeon occupies, and deservedly, the fourth place. A doctor in this category earns at least 169 thousand dollars a year.

5th place – the therapist.
The therapist is confidently in the center of the list. In the countries of America and Europe, he earns significantly more than a dentist.

6th place – dental prosthetist.
Dental prosthetist – in 6th place. The prosthetist is relevant and constantly in demand for people of all ages, regardless of location and condition of the wallet. The prosthetist’s salary is approaching 160 thousand dollars a year.

7th place – orthodontist.
Seventh place is taken by the orthodontist. People need his services, and very expensive, from childhood to very old age. The salary of an orthodontist for a year is 153 thousand dollars.

8th place – psychiatrist.
In eighth place is a psychiatrist. This narrow specialist in the field of medicine, however, earns more than 150 thousand dollars a year.

9th place – Chief Executive Officer.
The ninth place is taken by the chief executive officer, who has a lot of responsibility and responsibilities. Since this is the main official of any company, the applicant is accordingly elected by the shareholders. His salary, as a rule, exceeds 140 thousand dollars a year.

10th place – technical manager.
The tenth place in the TOP list of professions is occupied by the technical manager, whose duty is to coordinate, plan and design work projects, to develop new ones. New technologies are constantly appearing in the world, which means that the demand for specialists in this profession is constantly growing and will continue to grow. The average annual salary of a technical manager is about 140 thousand dollars a year.

We can add to this list that in Europe there is an acute need for specialists such as biotechnology and biomedicine engineers.

In all European countries in the field of scientific research, medical scientists, as well as biochemists and biophysicists are required.

As for the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals, the list of professions in demand is as follows:

  • Doctors.
  • Dentists.
  • Obstetricians.
  • First Aid Nurses.
  • Nurses in nursing homes.
  • Pharmacists.
  • Home care, nursing home care.

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